Monday, October 25, 2010

What Research Shows About Sex and Marriage Satisfaction & How Important it Can Be

Sex and marriage is a lot like shoes and socks. You must be thinking I am crazy, but what I am getting at is, you can wear shoes without socks but it is not really all that comfortable. It does not seem right, at least, not in my opinion. The same would be true of a marriage without sex, it just does not seem right. Of course, there may come a time when the emphasis on sex and marriage diminishes. Like, when we get older we will be a lot less driven sexually but there is not any set time limit. It has been reported that sex on a regular basis, (no matter your age), is an excellent method for maintaining good, well-rounded, overall health.
We are all sexual beings whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. This is an important fact to consider when we are analyzing and taking inventory of our marital relationship. It can also help us in observing our status of overall health and well being. This is a factor that is overlooked and underestimated all too often for my taste. Sex is an intrinsic element marriage and plays a vital role in all of our loving, romantic relationships.
Scientific research shows that marital satisfaction is directly correlated to sexual satisfaction. This might come off as painstakingly obvious but is not really all that simple. What is meant by the result of this research, is that of all the married couples that were happy were sexually satisfied as well. While not all sexually satisfied married couples were happy the reverse is true. All married couples who were happy were also sexually satisfied.
A decline is sexual enjoyment is an indicator of many things singular in nature, but also when we apply this to couples it can act as a beacon of signals. This is one way of finding out that there is a problem before being told. Sometimes, this can be crucial in preventing serious trouble in your marriage relationship. Even when your as close to someone as a married person can be it is not always easy to express your concerns or verbally tell your partner that something is wrong. Another factor is that they may not even be aware of it themselves. This is one reason why sex is often overlooked as an outlet for understanding and identifying health concerns.
Sex may not be able to pin-point any specific problems that may be occurring, however it can help us in identifying that there is a problem early on. Sex and Marriage are a constant concern in most couples. The fact that your married does not necessarily mean you are having an active sex life. Even though it should. Sex can have an interesting affect on your overall health. It does wonders for your emotional and psychological well being as well as rejuvenates your body in similar ways that sleep does.
Sex can be an increasingly powerful method of healing ones self as well as couples, in regards to their relationship. Sex and marriage are complimentary like in the shoes and socks analogy, that I am now apologizing for. They belong together and if you find that you are not having sex or the sex is beginning to diminish; try to revitalize your sex in anyway that you can. Also, be on the look out for concerns outside of the bedroom. As was said about satisfaction and marital happiness, sex can be a wonderful way of reconnecting and/or healing any damage that may have been caused to your relationship as a married couple.
Find out how simple steps can help you to find Happiness in Marriage no matter how bad it might seem. Even if you are the only one trying, it can be turned around. With the right attitude and the right information nothing is impossible.
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